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Core Team

The middle school years are about change and transition.  As they grow and develop, they begin to experience a desire for independence and are both excited and scared at how their world is changing.  Research indicates that positive, supportive relationships with adults/mentors can be a very positive and rewarding experience for youth at this age.  Our Core Team provides this experience for our middle school youth.


Edge Core Team members are the heart and soul of this Catholic middle school youth ministry experience. Edge Core Members, sometimes in teams, lead small group discussions and activities during Edge Nights. The Core Team is given a copy of the Edge outline ahead of time to study and prepare for an Edge Night and their small group. Edge Core Members remain with the same group of middle school youth throughout the entire year. This allows the Core Team and middle school youth the opportunity to develop strong, meaningful relationships. The Core Team also volunteers to lead prayer, read Scripture, perform skits, give witness/catechetical talks, and help lead other important tasks throughout an Edge Night.


1.    A love for Christ and the Catholic Church.

2.    A commitment to prayer, especially weekly attendance at Sunday Mass.

3.    A desire to minister to middle school youth.

4.    A willingness to serve as a Christian role model.



1.    Pray for each middle school youth, especially those in your small group.

2.    Attend annual Core Team retreat and necessary Core Team trainings and meetings before and during the year.

3.    Attend Edge Nights (or planning nights) every Tuesday from 6:30 to 9:00 pm.

4.    Attend the annual Edge middle school retreat, if scheduled.

5.    Actively work to do relational ministry with the middle school youth at the Edge, especially with your small group  


6.    Create a warm and welcoming environment for the middle school youth.

7.    Be prepared! Take time to pray through each session ahead of time and then plan and prepare the best way to     

       approach the discussions and activities with your small group.

8.    Create a safe and affirming place for the middle school youth.

9.    Follow the Edge discipline policy and work with the Middle School Youth Minister if discipline issues arise.

10.  Act as a liaison between the Edge and parents. Contact parents throughout the year to discuss both positive and

       negative behaviors and to discuss important Edge information.



“It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you .” (John 15:16)

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