Outreach and Social Concerns

  • The St. Vincent de Paul Society (St. Pius X Conference) performs works of charity including distribution of food, clothing, furniture and financial assistance to those in need.  A number of other charitable groups are affiliated with this conference, but are independent ministries. For more information on any of these, please contact the Parish Office, Office@SPXChurchBowie.org or x10.
  • Prison Ministry makes regular weekly visits to a prison, and provides personal spiritual care through bible study and group prayer.
  • Sharing Pantry stores and distributes food parcels and food coupons to the needy in our community, as well as to Assumption Parish in the District, on an ongoing basis.
  • S.O.M.E. Once a month a small group of parishioners brings a nourishing, ample breakfast to the S.O.M.E. District Facility, and serves it to 300 men, women, and children.
  • Adult Mission Group: Groups of adults 18+ make an annual week long trip to help communities in need.

 HONDURAS MEDICAL MISSION CLINIC  St. Pius is partnering with St. Paul's Catholic Church in support of the medical mission clinic they established there in 1998 following Hurricane Mitch. Parishioners from St. Pius will travel to Honduras in Feb 2015.  Parishioners can donate supplies throughout the month of January.  Here are the supplies needed that can be dropped off at church any weekend in January:                                                                              gloves (latex), vitamins and Ibuprofen (adult and children's--NO gummies), 81 mg aspirin, Neosporin, Benadryl, antihistamine (10mg), folic acid, vitamin E, omega fish oil, medical tape, gauze, band aids.

A number of other charitable and service activities are of a more specific nature. For information on these, call the Rectory at x10.
  • Helping Hands is our parish effort to provide temporary help to parishioners with short-term unexpected needs.
  • Thanksgiving Baskets provide the groceries for a Thanksgiving dinner to local families as well as to Assumption Church.
  • Advent Giving Tree collects gifts for children and adults for the Gabriel Network and for our brother-sister parish, Assumption Catholic Church in Washington, D.C.
  • Warm Nights participates on a rotating basis with other local churches providing the homeless with meals and a warm place to sleep during the winter months.  Click HERE for the 2015 Flyer! 

Our parish also participates with the Archdiocesan offices on issues of social concern including:

  • Legislative Network gives parishioners an opportunity to act on Catholic values through lobbying efforts on the local, state, and national levels.
  • Right to Life promotes efforts on behalf of human life and love through advocacy, education, direct assistance, and spiritual support.
For more information, please see the Washington DC Archdiocesan website. 

The Parish also provides financial and individual assistance to the Bowie-Crofton Crisis Pregnancy Center whose mission is to counsel and assist pregnant women in making pro-life choices, the Gabriel Network (which assists single mothers through the birth and early care of their babies); and - on an annual, selected, basis - financial and spiritual support to Catholic Churches in different places throughout the country and the world.