Parish Life and Worship

There are many different groups, ministries and organizations within our parish that offer parishioners opportunities to share their time, talent and treasure to enhance the life and worship of our parish.  Check out the links to the left for full listings.
Below are some of these ministries.  Please consider if the Lord might be calling you to help in one of these ways - or in another way.  To volunteer to serve in our worship ministries please contact our liturgy coordinator, Suzanne Fanning at 301-262-2141 x18  or email at: 

WORSHIP (liturgical ministries)
  • Altar Servers assist the priest in celebrating the Mass. Those interested in serving must be in the 5th grade or higher.
  • Art and Environment maintains the furnishings and decorations for the church throughout the year and for various liturgical seasons. 
  • Baby Sitting provides childcare at the 5pm, 9am & 11:30am Mass each week.  Baby Sitting is held in our Pre-K room. Ushers and staff can direct you to the Pre-K room located just off the church through the parish library.
  • Children's Worship (SLAM: Serving God, Loving Others and Making a Joyful Noise!) is offered every weekend at the 5pm, 9am and 11:30am Masses. SLAM is for children in Kindergarten through grade 5.  The children are dismissed from Mass after the Opening Prayer and go off to hear the Scriptures at their level, discuss the Big Idea, and have discussion on the message.  They return to Mass during the offertory procession. 
  • Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion assist in distributing the Eucharist at Masses and communion services.
  • Lectors proclaim the Word of the Lord at daily and weekend Masses.
  • Liturgical Planning takes place throughout the year, specifically for the liturgical seasons of Advent/Christmas and Lent/Easter.
  • Music Ministry leads the sung prayer of the church at worship. A youth and young adult choir provides music at the 5:00pm Mass on Saturdays, a contemporary choir servers at the 9:00am Mass on Sunday, and a traditional choir at the 11:30am Mass on Sunday.
  • Sacristans provide set-up and clean-up for the Mass and prepare the altar and sanctuary.
  • Ushers greet parishioners and visitors as they arrive for Mass, help with seating, take up the collections, and distribute the weekly parish bulletin.
  • The Parish Socials Committee plans parish picnics, dinners, and other social gatherings throughout the year.
  • Cafe Pius (located in our parish hall) takes place after every weekend Mass. Our Cafe provides great food and drink (coffee, tea, cold drinks, muffins, donuts, and pizza at 5pm & 11:30am) at a minimal cost and creates a great environment for fellowship. 
  • Green Team is an organization of parishioners promoting environmental awareness and recycling efforts for the parish and community.  
  • Knights of Columbus is a spiritual and service organization for Catholic men and their families. The local chapter of the Knights is the Sacred Heart Council which operates a fellowship hall on Route 3.  A variety of spiritual, social and service programs take place throughout the year.