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posted Aug 1, 2013, 3:20 AM by Pastor SPX   [ updated Aug 10, 2013, 6:19 AM ]
Welcome to my very first blog post.  I'll be using this space much like my Pastor's Message in our parish's weekly bulletin; to discuss what's happening in the parish or the Church. Sometimes I'll discuss important news, other times the focus might be more spiritual.  For this first post I want to share some important staff changes taking effect.  With our parish plans to "Restore" and renew the life of St. Pius X Church this will help us move forward. Suzanne Fanning has been part time liturgy coordinator and parish secretary on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Suzanne has agreed to serve as full-time Weekend Coordinator, continuing as liturgy coordinator while taking on the responsibility of expanding our children's worship, community Sunday, greeters, and new weekend volunteer opportunities.  Anne Brennan, our new part time religious education co-coordinator, has taken over for Suzanne as parish secretary on Wednesdays Ruth Roth has become parish secretary on Thursdays and also works in the office on Tuesdays assisting with parish bookkeeping duties Jena Parks, who has been our full-time school/church accountant will continue as school accountant and is working with me and our pastoral leadership team (parish staff) coordinating our parish Restore plan.  Katie Skerpon has been our full-time youth coordinator for middle school, high school and our Confirmation program.  Katie will continue as middle school and confirmation coordinator while taking on the duties of Small Group Coordinator (you'll be hearing more about small groups this fall).  Kelsey Parks is our new high school youth coordinator. We are so excited to have Kelsey as part of our team.  Kelsey grew up at St. Pius, has worked with our youth programs, and spent the past year as a member of NET, the National Evangelization Team.  Kelsey was on the campus ministry team of a Catholic high school in Minnesota.  These staff changes and additions will move our parish forward as we implement our plan for parish renewal.  For some of our staff, these changes are a refocus of duties, others are taking on new responsibilities. All are excited about the new roles they have taken on. For the past few months I have been talking about our plans but I realize some parishioners are still struggling to understand what its all about.  So this fall, after the conclusion of our 50th anniversary, I will take several weekends to preach at all Masses (beginning Sept 28/29) to present the Restore plan. One element of the plan has already begun: our new Greeter Ministry.  With the installation of our new church doors completed, we had greeters at every Mass this past weekend.  We have four volunteers at every Mass who arrive 15 minutes early, stand outside the church doors to smile, greet every person who arrives and open the door for them.  Its a simple thing that speaks volumes about the kind of church we are called to be: welcoming, inviting, warm and joyful.  So it begins!  Please keep our parish in your prayers as we fulfill the motto of our parish patron, Saint Pius X: To RESTORE all things in Christ.