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Expect Miracles!

posted Dec 8, 2013, 3:36 AM by Pastor SPX
Our Advent message series is entitled, "Expect Miracles!".  For four weeks we talk about miracles; those God sent in the Bible at the first Christmas and the miracles God wants to send to each of us today. Adults tend to be skeptical about miracles.  Logic, reason, facts get in the way.  Many adults become as jaded about miracles as they do about Christmas (bah, humbug!).  But the Bible teaches us that miracles are real.  All that is needed to experience miracles is faith and a willingness to risk. All those in the Gospel stories of the first Christmas took enormous risks because they were expecting miracles (Joseph, Mary, the shepherds, the wise men).  When you expect God to send miracles he keeps sending them. This Advent I encourage you to ask God for a miracle...either for yourself or someone you love.  Any miracle.  Could be for healing, for a job, for a marriage to be saved, a family to be united, a friend to face addiction...anything.  Next, consider how God may be asking you to play a part in bringing about the miracle.  Ask, "what risk do I need to take so God can work?"  Your risk may be having a conversation with someone, seeing a counselor, giving up certain habits or attitudes, prayer.  Advent is a time when God reminds us that miracles are real, today.  And sometimes the miracle begins to occur when we ask for it, pray for it, and then trust that God will reveal to us our next step. Are you expecting miracles?  I know I am.