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posted Aug 31, 2013, 9:07 AM by Pastor SPX
At our 5pm Mass this Saturday we will have a rite of commissioning for all the leaders of our parish youth program. We refer to these leaders (youth and young adults) as our core team members.  They serve in ministry for our middle school program, called the EDGE, and for our high school program, called LifeTeen.  These are truly amazing young people.  The dedication, hard work and sacrifice they give to our youth and our parish is very impressive. They present us with a powerful witness of the key connection between leadership and service.  The readings for this Sunday speak of the need for humility.  The truly humble person does not serve in order to be noticed or so that others will think well of him or her, but because it is how one wins favor in God's eyes.  The opposite of this is the proud person who lives life and serves only to be noticed.  For this person, life is all about ME.  We need more humble leaders in our world and our Church.  This is the leadership we are all called to embrace. In four weeks I will begin my preaching series on Restore!,presenting our plan for parish renewal. The plan will require individuals within the parish to step up and respond to the call to serve.  Service can be in many forms. It need not be a big, long-term commitment. It doesn't mean being in front of people.  The greatest service is many times that which takes place behind the scenes.  Reflect on the call to humble service.  Ask the Lord to fill you with a generous heart and the courage to say "yes". Be a core team member for God as he restores all things in Christ.