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Married Love

posted Feb 15, 2014, 5:11 AM by Pastor SPX
St. Pius and the universal Church focused attention this month on couples. Here at St. Pius we had a great weekend for married couples. To coincide with World Marriage Sunday on Feb. 9 all married couples were invited to renew their vows at Mass that weekend.  This simple act was very moving.  As the one who presided over all our Masses that weekend I saw more than a few tears in the eyes of the couples and our parishioners. On Saturday night we hosted a married couples night in the rectory and were filled beyond capacity! We invited couples to bring their wedding albums to share, we had four couples share on their experience of married love, couples then spent time talking to each other and everyone enjoyed wedding cake, champagne and sparkling cider.  A great weekend all around!  On Valentine's Day Pope Francis welcomed 10,000 engaged couples to St. Peter's Square. He offered words of advice to couples on how to stay together.  You can boil his message down to three simple phrases every couple needs to say and live: Please, Thank You, and Sorry. Great advice!  Where so many relationships flounder is when those in the relationship start to take each other for granted, disrespect each other, or simply stop saying (or showing) how much they appreciate and love each other. Of course this is true for every person, and every disciple. May we never take God, our faith, or our parish for granted. May each of us strive everyday to deepen our relationship with the Lord and each other that others would see Christ in us and experience His love. And may all married couples mirror God's love to the world.