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Matter 13

posted Nov 10, 2013, 3:32 AM by Pastor SPX
On Friday our pastoral leadership team joined with over 600 parish leaders from across the country to attend a conference at Nativity Catholic Church in Timonium, MD.  Their pastor, Fr. Michael White, and pastoral associate, Tom Corcoran, are the authors of the book Rebuilt, which forms the basis for our parish plan for renewal called Restore!  The name of the conference was Matter (as in "making church matter"; one of the goals of Rebuilt and Restore!).  It was great to meet so many of the parish leaders from Nativity as they shared their insights into how parishes can experience renewal.  It was also great to meet leaders from parishes all across the country who have read Rebuilt and are committed to helping their parishes form intentional disciples. The pastor of Nativity, Fr. White, began the day acknowledging that not everything they are doing will work in every parish. As he said of his staff, "We are experts at what works in Timonium, but we know nothing about what will work in your church."  So true. My goal with Restore! is not to become a clone of another parish, but to simply look at what is working elsewhere and ask, "Can this work at St. Pius?"  The next few years will be a learning process for all of us. I know God has exciting things in store for each and everyone of us.  Continue to pray for the success of Restore!  And if you have not already done so, join with over 300 of your fellow parishioners who filled out a "Count Me In" form (link on the mainpage of our parish website). I invite you to get on board with our plan to "restore all things in Christ."  God Bless!  -Fr. Mike Jones