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Restore! update

posted Nov 17, 2013, 5:06 AM by Pastor SPX
Its been a month since I presented our plan for parish renewal called Restore! so I want to update you on our progress in making the plan a reality at St. Pius. I've been overwhelmed by the huge response to our "Count Me In!" form. To date, 350 parishioners have completed a card, indicating their willingness to support the plan.  Members of our pastoral leadership team have been contacting all those who signed up and meetings are being set up to launch the various new ministries. Here is what I can report: the Ops Teams have been formed and are beginning to train this weekend. Our info station, Pius2U, is ready to go.  We are training the volunteers for the station and they will be ready to start serving by Dec. 7.  Those who signed up for Tech Teams have been contacted and we are determining everyone's technical skills and levels of interest. A target date to begin our Cafe, has been set and we are hoping it will start the weekend of Jan. 25/26 (over 50 people want to help with Cafe!). Meetings to expand our Children's Ministries will take place very soon. I emailed all those who want to assist with our parish retreat experience, Christ Renews His Parish. The first two weekends (which will be training weekends) will take place in March. Small Groups will launch in 2014. Facilitator training will begin next week. The smallest response has been to our new Parking Team ministry, but we will begin the ministry with who we have and expand as more folks sign up.  So lots of great things happening. We have created a space on the bulletin board in the vestibule beside Pius2U for Restore! where information on our plan can be viewed. If you have not done so, pick up a "Count Me In!" form and commit to helping our parish Restore All Things In Christ.