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Time Change

posted Nov 2, 2013, 6:27 AM by Pastor SPX
Okay, I know I've been bad about updating my blog in recent weeks, but if you've been following me you know I have a really good excuse. Thursday night I returned from a 10 day pilgrimage to Italy.  A group of 16 of us toured the shrines of Italy. It was a fantastic, deeply spiritual, and at times physically exhausting experience. I recommend that every priest lead at least one pilgrimage.  As our trip was winding down a parishioner asked me, "So, do you think you will preach about our pilgrimage?"  How could I not...in fact I already have...it began at last night's All Saints Day Mass.  A pilgrimage is a true microcosm of life: its a journey, with some folks you know and some you don't, it has its ups and downs, some things familiar and others brand new, and in the course of the trip you discover both strengths and weaknesses you never knew you had.  At the end you come out (hopefully) a more grounded, more spiritual, more appreciative person for the gift of life & faith.  One minor unexpected occurrence took place last Saturday night as Italy ended Daylight Savings Time.  Italy did not make the adjustment the U.S. did some years back of extending DST for an additional week.  Those of us on the pilgrimage laughed that we would have the opportunity to "fall back" twice this year.  Tonight is the second hour I will gain...and I truly need it.  Friday morning after a solid eight hours of sleep (a rarity these days) I hit the ground running...catching up on a hundred emails, sorting through snail mail, and preparing homilies (in addition to doing laundry, grocery shopping, etc.).  I resolved to make some changes upon my return from the pilgrimage, such as eat better (yes, the accumulation of great Italian bread, pasta, gelato and wine left its mark) and exercise more consistently.  Its time for change.  What a perfect Gospel reading this Sunday to emphasize the power of change.  The story of Zacchaeus teaches us how necessary change is for the true disciple.  Without change, there can be no growth.  Change is only possible for any of us because of the mercy and love of God, which Jesus extends to Zacchaeus in an unconditional way. Christ is giving us the clearest glimpse into the way he builds his Kingdom.  Its an invitation to us to join him as well as a command for how we draw others to him.  What needs to change in your attitude for you to meet Christ?  Who are the Zacchaeus' in your life that Christ wants to use you to reach out to?  Accept Christ's vision and his mercy.  Admit to yourself that is it time to change.